Death touches each of us on a daily basis. The day dies to the night and then again the night dies to the day. With every death there is a birth, an awakening, something new begins. The passing of a loved one can be so difficult. How each of us deals with death is a personal experience that must be honored and respected. The end of physical life invites us to profoundly look at ourselves and our relationships. Suddenly we realize how special people are and how wonderful their contributions have been.

Life sends us forth to live and experience all there is under the stars. Each life, each existence serves a purpose, a purpose perhaps kept hidden from our understanding but not from our soul.

A Life Celebration is a unique ceremony that is created with your loved one at heart. It is an opportunity to gather with friends and family to truly celebrate and honor the life just lived and the life about to begin. Eddie Rodriguez will customize and lead a celebration that will allow you to remember the special person in your life with love, compassion and reverence.